by Apostrophe

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it’s so easy play or be punished calculate ends or be left on the outside and once outside your voice is made crazy invalid echoing nothing but silence never asked enough questions never said anything now we’ve got that hand we’ve been dealt to play and all the would-be heroes and all the nobody people and all the somebody people all bow their heads oh what a shame to never live to never see to never feel it´s so easy adjust and see swallowed up by the madness and holding on taking on that hand fears from the past left open wounds anyway! adjust and see
we are all afraid but your eyes are still closed don’t know if i’m dreaming or if it’s just my reality symboles sont habituels génèrent de protecteurs rituels remparts de moralité renforcent la peur de la mortalité symbols are habitual generate sheltered ways of ritual ramparts of morality fortify the fear of mortality it’s not for me webs of significance spun from the wheels of human arrogance it’s not for me
Musicbox 06:06
Serenity now 03:41
i ain’t no buddist monk i ain’t no mannequin i rage squirm and givei’ve got a will to live but seconds minutes days and years all just fade away because time is always here and always now stimulus response what’s in between? another thought just slipped away could we kill time? do it for us? romp in the full expansive fields pick lily for the funeral wreath wash away kill the time and break the cage of tomorrow’s history stimulus response what’s in between? an aperture for our lives could we use time to build our world? out of the dust of destiny light candles for recovery rise and rise use the time to break the cage of tomorrow’s history


Just 4 sample-tracks appearing on bandcamp.
N.B. original recording contains 8 songs.


released November 11, 2011

Jeff - Vocals / Guitar
Marc - Drums
Nico - Bass / Vocals


all rights reserved



apostrophe Berlin, Germany

Jeff - vocals/guitar
Igor - guitar
Jacob - bass
Marc - drums

APOSTROPHE is from Berlin. Listen.

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